Sunday, October 7, 2007

Update Before Fall Family Camp

I don't know when I'll get another chance to post so I'll try to cover all the guys! (We have two weeks of Fall Family Camp starting tomorrow! Never mind that it's 87 degrees right now! - We are supposed to cool to 61 degrees for a high on Wednesday YEAH YEAH YEAH!) Hayden - well he's just a mess so that's a fun picture of him.

Wyatt is my new crawler/climber/stander. He's realized that we will all clap and laugh if he stands alone... so he's trying to do it alot. What he IS doing a lot is climbing and NOTHING gets by him. He's watched the boys climb around the gate on the steps and he tries it too! Everytime I turn around he's on top of something... couch, chair, boxes everything! HE is SOOO busy! He reminds me of Carter when he was little, but his personality is different. I'm tired just watching him! He so wants to join the big kids wherever they are!
Bamboo update - It's grown to 49 inches at a rate of 5 inches a day! Bryan is so proud! We'll see how it does once it cools down!


Peggy said...

I like the fresh, new blog look! For all I know, you might have changed it a month ago - it's been way too long since I've been on here! Enjoy family camps!