Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One last Summer day!

Well we had one more "summer day" at the beach yesterday. Liz and her three kiddos came out to join the fun. I also invited Daniel and Micah. It was a little breezy, but almost 90 degrees! The kids had fun...except Wyatt... he's got a really bad cold!
Later that night Bryan finally did something with one of the old tires from our van... they had been setting out back for awhile! The boys (big and small) had fun. The plan is to hang it horizontal so that 3 can ride on it at once!

Yesterday was the first day of fall family camp, but it sure didn't feel like fall! Today however is closer to that fall feeling! Tomorrow even more so 61 degrees is supposed to be the high! We are looking forward to it! There are seven families here for fall camp this week! They too are enjoying the fall-like weather! YEAH!

One more BIG news... Wyatt can stand alone! We hold his hands and say "TaDA" ! He's starting to do it on his own and saying "DA"! I know he looks like muscle man in this picture, but he's really standing on his own! He hasn't done it very much the past few days because of his cold!
That's all for now! Love to you all!


Peggy said...

Wow! Beach pictures! That's just crazy! But, I see that today is a whole different story!

Oh, and congratulations Wyatt!

Kelly said...

sniff . . . I miss my nephews :-( Give them a big hug for me!! They're getting too big to quickly -- put some bricks on their heads or something!

P.S. -- I just updated -- have you???? :-)