Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boys and Babies

OK this is a picture of the boys when the power was out for three days... did I mention how much I LOVE modern tech?! It was hotter than snot (OK so snot's not hot, but I couldn't think of any other descriptive word!) I am not cut out for any century, time, location that involves temperatures above 80 and humidity that high with no air conditioning! Once again praise the Lord for electricity... and phone service!

This moon vine is at Nana's house and is almost taking over her back yard! It kind of scares me... not that it's going to consume Hayden and we'll never find him again, but that we have "transplanted" one here at our house and it could grow to cover the side of our house and take over the sidewalk which isn't that big... either one! We had a good time visiting Nana and the rest of the crew to celebrate the coming new addition Sophie Elizabeth... unless they change the middle name again! (I think this one may stick, right Mary?) Anyway, she had a great baby shower and had lots of family attend as well as lots of mosquitoes... just ask Hayden! Poor guy, he just looks at the outside and gets another bite! They are REALLY bad up here now! Sorry I wondered off there... The baby shower... not much else to say it was a baby shower... lots of baby stuff, baby games, and baby talk! Things were nice... when my boys weren't roughing up on the cousins (it's all girls that are their age - the John and Virginia's twins aren't old enough to join the rough housing yet!)

Speaking of rough housing... things aren't going to slow down with Wyatt at all... he's climbing on everything. Last night he climbed out of the tub.. he must have landed on his head to do that, but it didn't slow him down at all! Today I caught him on top of the boys rocking chair then on top of one of the toys... then he fell off! EVERY TIME Hayden is on the floor... for a diaper change ( yes I wish he was out of diapers, no he's not interested in the potty) or whatever Wyatt literally ATTACKS him! There is no slowing this little bundle down!


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

LOVE the new blog look. Your descriptions for the blogs you read are very funny.

Laurie said...

Hi Karen,
Great blog! You are really inspiring me... I need to get one... first it was Xanga, and now facebook... but I need a something where I can actually write and update...
I love the pics of your boys!
Have a great weekend and a wonderful week! :)
~Laurie K.