Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hide N Seek

My guys are so silly. I walked outside yesterday, I think I needed to borrow something from my neighbor... I don't remember. When I came back inside this is how I found Wyatt and Hayden... they were "hiding"! It cracked me up, but I also found it very sweet that they do like to play together! The other picture was taken over the arm of the couch... you can't really see Hayden's face (he doesn't always cooperate with pictures), but Wyatt's look was so cute I had to post it! Tonight was HAIR CUT NIGHT! Sounds exciting huh? I convinced Carter to let me cut his hair (I still HATE cutting it... Hayden's is MUCH easier because of all the curls he has) in exchange we went swimming afterward! Let me say I didn't know mosquitoes could swarm so badly! Just walking down our hill the 30 yards it takes to get to the beach we must have been dinner for 100 of those blood suckers! YUCK! I don't know how you guys survive in the south! I am SOOO looking forward to the first frost when they all die off! After swimming, it was baths and late dinner... then more fun we made peanut blossom cookies (the ones with the Hershey kisses on top). Well I made them and the boys ate more kisses than they helped with I think! It's been a mom doesn't care day... Carter's watched at LEAST 4 or more hours of the Auto B Good DVDs today. (I've spent most of the day working on a newsletter.... so yes one will HOPEFULLY be in the mail VERY soon!) FYI - the Auto B Good is a great series for guys/girls that is similar to the Cars movie, but they convey a Christian message... my boys love them!

The other thing I realized for the millionth time is that kids don't play or use the toys they are supposed to in the ways they are supposed to! Case in point, Wyatt spent the night chewing on the rack that goes in my oven for roasting! That's pretty good He usually chews on the metal handle to the wood stove or the bricks it's standing on! (He won't do that in the winter!) Nothing like life with a teether... although I think all my boys are really puppies... they chew on EVERYTHING.... shirts, jackets, helmets, sleeves, EVERYTHING they can it's crazy. I can't wait until they ALL grow out of this one! If they grow out of it... maybe I should buy stock in Double mint Gum!


Jen said...

i call my boys 'goats' because they will put anything in their mouth and chew on anything. it must be a boy thing.