Thursday, November 1, 2007

7 things!

I know I know I haven't posted FOREVER! My computer is broken. I didn't realize how much I use the computer as an outlet for my life! It's been crazy! There's still no word on the computer! Several things have happened (I'll continue Meet the Staff once my computer is back)
1- My parents are in town until Tuesday! YEAH! Bryan's brother (and his family) come here on Friday! It's nice having family come visit.
2 - Hayden has pneumonia. They almost put him in the hospital. (His oxygen level was so low.) They also found he has asthma! So now he's on anti-biotics, steroids (for four days), and a nebulizer (as needed once it's under control.) Poor baby... only 2 1/2 years old too! If his Oxygen level is low tomorrow for his follow-up they may put him in the hospital!
3 - Carter turns 5 on Monday! We are having a party... hot dog roast and hayride.... FUN! I'll take pictures and post them when I can. (I want to do a birthday post like Judith does... I missed doing Bryan's post on the 26th!)
4 - Happy 29th Bryan.... love you more today than ever before.... even with your crazy obsessions!
5 - We went bowling yesterday with my parents and Judith and her kiddos... (Amy beat everyone, except my dad. She even beat Bryan... of course he had to bowl left handed because of his finger.) We let Wyatt "bowl" (he pushed it off the bowling helper thing for little kids) and he got a STRIKE! It was quite funny! I took some pictures, but can't post anything until my computer is working again.. SORRY!
6- Bryan got his splint off FINALLY! He's still got a long road with rehab, but at least he's moving forward! This has been going on since MAY!
7 - I think that's enough excitement for now! We go back to the Dr. tomorrow for Carter/Wyatt to get flu shots and Hayden's follow-up! Pray all goes well!
I'll post when I can...


Peggy said...

Wow! So much excitement going on! I'll be praying for Haydyn, cause that's just not good excitement at all. Happy birthday to Bryan and Carter! And congratulations to Wyatt on his strike!! That's too funny!