Sunday, March 23, 2008


So we started off the day with Hot Cross Buns... they didn't fly with the boys BUT they looked cute! I may try them again sometime... just a little differently!

I thought it would be a neat Easter morning tradition... with the cross on top and everything... OH WELL

We DID use our brains and take the boys picture BEFORE heading to church... good thing Hayden spilled pudding ALL over his vest!

I teach the 3rd-5th grade on Sunday mornings... (Today I had the K5-5th!) The kids did great and Bryan helped out! I took a picture during singing time while Carter's class with the BIG kids!

We headed home after church for a quick lunch followed by an Easter egg hunt to find their baskets! The boys had so much fun! (Carter and Hayden did anyway... Wyatt just ran through the house screaming following them! When he got bored with that... he played peek-a-boo with Bryan)After baskets the boys had nap time! YEAH!! Carter got to play his Playstation2 which REALLY made him happy!

We had our Big Easter meal at dinnertime... so I made something "new" for dessert....DIRT... the boys thought it was funny that they were eating "dirt"! They liked it! Wyatt REALLY liked it!..

Which led to ...


Keilah said...

Here I am, the sole commenter again! Haha, oh well. I love commenting! I was going to tell you tonight on the phone that they have TONS of hot cross buns here. They look good and tasty, but they have raisins so I stay away from them! Did YOU like them?
The boys look absolutely adorable in their Easter outfits! And Carter looks so grown up in his snazzy shirt and tie!
Karen you'll be happy to know that after I got off the phone with you I went and got food coloring and eggs! I forgot the vinegar....oh well. Maybe I can figure out an alternative. Love you all so much!

AMANDA said...

Looks like a great day! Love the pictures of Wyatt trying to catch the water!