Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Boys-Bruises-Boxing-BOY OH BOY!

The past few days have been GORGEOUS!!! I should've taken a picture of the sky... so clear and beautiful today! Yesterday was still nippy when I took Wyatt and Hayden outside.
Don't you LOVE how Wyatt's got style! Today was warmer than yesterday and just as beautiful. Hayden spent most of today (after a LONG trip down to SB because my wonderful hubby forgot to get his meds yesterday when he was down there! I guess it would've been a bigger deal if it had not been for my shopping buddy Judith. She went with me on my errands today! Thanks!) Back to the outdoor tale... Hayden spent most of his afternoon playing with his buddy Joel! He has such a blast with him! This is the face Joel made when I asked him to make a funny face! It made me laugh so I guess it worked! (This is BIG - Joel usually doesn't speak to me and just looks at me. SO getting him to do something and say something was HUGE. I think Hayden is wearing him down for me ;)

Wyatt played outside too (while I was inside with Carter... that's a story yet to come!) Anyway he suffered his first facial injury with visible blood! He's officially a big boy now!

Here's a great video of Bryan and the big boys boxing before bed... why is that? Why do dad's get them all wound up right before bed? Oh well they LOVED it!
Now the Carter tale... He walked up to me as I was heading into the house after looking for him. (See I thought he was with Bryan and Bryan had sent him back home to me!) As he walked up he said, "I have to tell the truth" (OH NO!) "I sprayed paint" Of course it's all over his hands and clothes. Oh yeah -- He's tagged again! He got his hands on a yellow spray paint can and painted some stuff under the Lodge steps! Luckily you can't see it... unless you climb behind the lattice fencing and crawl under the steps! He also sprayed a little on the picnic tables so he gets to spend tomorrow sanding them down! We are at a loss on what to do with him! He spent the evening sitting on his bed or on his floor reading books and doing puzzles while his brothers had all the fun outside! (I think a lot of his mischief is his desire to get people to like him and think he's fun! ) I AM proud of his honesty, but good grief! I sure do LOVE that kid! (I guess this isn't over... I've got 2 more coming up after him!) Prayer request - Our assistant pastor's wife was in a car accident earlier today... The boys were fine, but they took her to the hospital to monitor the baby (she is due the end of May). Anyways, after 5 hours of monitoring they decided to do a C-section! As far as we know everyone is doing well, but keep the Slabaugh family in your prayers!

I'll end on a happy note... I figured out how to get rid of the mouse smell in the bathroom...(read about that here) GET RID OF THE MOUSE! YEP a D-E-A-D mouse in the trap under the sink! YUCK! (The smell is now gone! :)


4funboys said...


Don't you love when you're given the opportunity to see your children have a tender heart?

Praying for your friend and the baby.

3boys247 said...

Oh Carter, not again. He sounds like he can be a real stinker.

Enjoy those beautful days! We have that same black little tikes truck, it must be required in boy only houses.

Glad the mouse smell is gone, what a relief.

Keep us posted on your friend. I hope they are all doing better soon.

Super B's Mom said...

"I have to tell the truth..." HOW PRECIOUS is that?!? Bless his little heart! You're doing a good job, Mommy. :)

The boxing match cracks me up b/c there's nothing like Dad gettin' them all fired up at bedtime.

Prayers going up for your friend. Please keep us posted. Hope you're having a great week!

Jen said...

you've been tagged! check out my blog to see what to do.

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

My parents are bringing Joy AND Silas to family camp when they come. I was telling Silas how much fun he's going to have, all the friends he's going to play with, etc...thinking he'll have a blast with your boys...but he's kind of a follower from what I can tell. Tell Carter he's gonna have to teach Silas how to have GOOD fun up there!

Keilah said...

I guess I've lost my status as the lone commenter on your blogs...too bad. Too bad you haven't lost your Number 1 spot on mine! love ya, and all I can say is it must be an oldest child thing. :o)