Friday, April 18, 2008

Day of Adventure with 3 boys!

Yesterday was a busy but fun day! The big boys wanted to play outside. Because it was so beautiful I couldn't say no to taking Wyatt out too! We spent most of the day outside enjoying our high 70s day!

I was working on cleaning out our front flower bed while they played. One of the neighbor's kids said, "Look there goes Hayden!" I look up and see not Hayden, but WYATT flying down the hill in our little Tykes coupe car! The boy was seriously flying~~~ I started running after him, but he was too far ahead. If it weren't for the parking blocks at the end of the hill, he would've gone right into the little pond! He came to a HARD stop against the parking block! When I got to him I heard him whimpering... Like 3 times. Then he got out and wondered around. It was like he was saying that was fun, but scary! HE IS SOOOO LIKE CARTER!

In fact today, HE TRIED TO GO DOWN THE HILL AGAIN!!! I had to move the car way far away so that wouldn't think about it! He is such an adventure seeker... and gives me a heart attack!

The boys had fun playing in the mud they made with the water hose... YEAH our first really warm day and they BEGGED to play in the water!

This is Carter "mud surfing"

So then in order to save my house from muddy feet...

Carter had baseball practice last night. So after our mud adventure, I rinsed off the boys, made dinner on the go, and headed off to practice. They had batting practice with a pitching machine. Carter and his friend Cody were the best hitters on the team. (the coach said that not me) They did make the most contact with the ball (even though they were pitched to at a lower speed). I was so proud! I took all FOUR boys to the playground across the river from the park. They had so much fun. Even though it was crowded, I managed to keep track of all of them! (SORRY I LEFT MY CAMERA ON THE COUNTER AT HOME!) Maybe leaving the camera was a good thing... then I'd be distracted taking pictures and have lost one!

After dropping Cody off I was going to get a "treat" (aka milkshakes) from Mc D's on the way home... GUESS WHAT?! The machine wasn't working there! (it never does! so its a gamble to get one there!) We stopped at the grocery store and got stuff for sundaes. I think this may have been our first ever ice cream sundae night. (we don't like ice cream that much... cookies are another story! Carter also has cold sensitive front teeth... so since he doesn't eat it much I just hadn't thought about the other two!)

As you can see the sundaes were a big hit... especially with my two littlest guys!

This is what I caught Hayden doing while I was giving a VERY messy Wyatt and Carter baths!

Seriously not two minutes later this is what I found!

Today we had two of Hayden's friend over first thing before lunch! (It was raining this morning and this saved them from watching a soceer game plus they got to play together!) They did great and had a blast! It was quite interesting with FIVE boys in the house!

I let my two oldest play in the mud again.. am I dumb or what! (they were too cold to wait for me to take pictures and tracked mud through the house! I should've taken pictures of that!) So I spent the rest of the day cleaning! I'm starting to think maybe Hayden SHOULDN'T be giving up his naps yet... :)


AMANDA said...

I had to catch my breath just reading that, much less living it! You go girl! I loved playing in the mud as a kid!

Keilah said...

WOW!!! That sounds like a great couple days of fun! I loved Hayden's "running" breaths when he was going into the lake...I loved it all!!! Miss you guys but I'll see you in LIKE ONE WEEK!!!!! YAY!

GE is me said...

Karen, Oh my goodness! God bless you as a mom to 3 boys!!!! God must've known when he gave me 2 little girls! As much as I was a tomboy growing up, I really do not like my girls to get "dirty"; I could NEVER tolerate the playing in the mud like the boys were.(yet it kinda looks like fun.) I guess it is maybe more cleaning up after them. For them to do sandbox days, I have to really be in the mood. I guess I figure my house is already dirty enough without purposely adding dirt to it like that! Glad they've been having fun playing like that. :)

GE is me said...

Oh, yeah, I was going to say something about the giving up of naps. Hmmm, I'm in the same boat you're in. The girls turned 3 the end of March & getting them to take a nap any more is a struggle. Some times if I make them have quiet time on the couch with some videos they'll fall asleep. But even that isn't a guarantee. But if we go any where in the car around nap time- FORGET IT!!! they are out like lights!
AAAHHHH, what to do what to do???!!

4funboys said...

I love your pictures!

They have such a familiar look to them...


4 Little Men said...

It's been a while since i've stopped by. Love the new look. The mud pictures are so cute... looks like a great weekend!


Super B's Mom said...

Super B has that same knight costume! :) LOVE the pics - Super B would have a blast with your boys.

Nothing like some good mud surfing, ice cream and a nap.

Peggy said...

Sometimes it's good to forget the camera occasionally! I find that I enjoy the moment and my kids more that way. My kids actually get irritated with me sometimes when I'm always in their face with the camera!

I agree with Gail and the mud and sand! Fortunately, God gave me a very neat and clean boy! Although, sometimes Sara can be as messy as two boys... Go figure!

Peggy said...

By the way, I like the IKEA spoons! Aren't they the best? I just showed my kids all your videos and they really liked them!