Friday, April 25, 2008

Disobedience condoned?

Carter got hold of the camera last night and had 20 pictures taken before I could stop him. I wasn't very happy about it... so I deleted them... until I got to these 3. They turned out pretty good and Bryan was so proud that he took pictures of his BELOVED bamboo!

So I HAD to post them.. Does this condone his disobedience?
Well, I just won't show it to him :)


Peggy said...

So, what was the disobedience? Do you have a "don't play with Mommy's camera" rule? It's pretty funny what kids will take pictures of when given the chance!

Karen said...

After breaking so many other things... including my vacuum the list is much shorter of things they CAN play with! So yes the camera is one of the off-limits-without-permission-and-a-parent-standing-right-next-to-you things! :)

Jed said...

My 4 year old niece got my camera at our church children's musical Saturday and dropped it... It is no longer working because she dropped it on the lens.. Anyone got 300 dollars to replace it????