Sunday, April 27, 2008

Major League - Maybe not yet!

Carter's opening day for Little League was today! Please stay with me since this is our first organized activity... and I'm a proud momma! LOTS of pictures Sorry :)

Our day started early with an opening day parade... Carter had such a blast... although he says it was a LONG walk! (They walked about 1 mile. Carter runs that in 5 minutes when he's outside... at least it seems like it. BUT today... it was a LONG WALK!)

At the end of the parade was opening ceremony!

He was so excited that Grandpa and Grandma were able to see him!

I think we couldn't wipe the smile off all day!
We headed back home for the hour-and-a-half before his game.(and to pick up daddy and the other two boys).

This has been a little hard for daddy to swallow since Carter is a CUB! Bryan is a Cincinnati Reds fan. (both our neighbors like the Cubs). After a few pictures at home its...


Carter is the youngest player on his team. (5 years old - all the others are 6-9 years old) Plus this is his first year playing... so guess his position! OUTFIELD (they move him from left to right since they are required to switch up positions) He HAD a lot of excitement at the start,
but that soon died!

He did great at bat though...They use a pitching machine. All 5-6 year olds get 5 pitches.

This is his first at bat...

His first swing (strike)

His first HIT (He was out at first)

His second at bat he had a major HIT. (not on the first pitch... but he made it to first... After the next batter he then went on to second... Next batter he was chased down at third. I do mean CHASED... He ran ... like in tag. It was so funny!)

His team lost 12 to 3, but I was so proud that BOTH times he was at bat he HIT the ball! (not bad for the youngest player and his first year!)

What did the other two do while Carter played baseball. They cheered, climbed on Grandpa/Grandma, whined, took pictures...
(I didn't know Wyatt's nose was so nasty... so I took another one)
ate almost a WHOLE box of Cheez-its, climbed on the bleachers, climbed under the bleachers, made new friends, made new enemies (just kidding), played in the dirt, whined more, climbed, ate Cheez-its again and then cheered more for Carter.
That's WITH my parents here to help... I can't think what the other 18 games without them here will be like! (they will be here for 3 more of his games. He plays sometimes 3 a week!! Crazy! The whole season is only 6 weeks long! We may not survive!)
I PROMISE not to be so long winded on his next 21 games! (Well maybe a photo or two!)


Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Go Cubs!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!! I love you guys!


AMANDA said...

Go Slugger! Looks like a great day!

sheila said...

Karen, How fun and exciting for everyone! Please let us know when his next game is, Joanna wants to go to at least one!

3boys247 said...

Good job Carter! He looks so cute in his uniform. I can't believe they have an opening parade, how fun!

Peggy said...

Very cute! I could never get tired of pictures! I just love all the "firsts" and the excitement and nerves that go with it!

4funboys said...

I LOVE the parade! How cute is that! We do "coach pitch" for our youngest - I would think a batting machine would be tough- Good for him getting 2 hits.

We arer at one ball field every day of the week (literally) from Easter until June 12th with one team or another.

The key... snacks - waterguns/ or those little water bottle fan things that they can spray themselves (and you) with when it gets hot - AND grandparents!

Ha- enjoy the season- it goes fast!

Mindy said...

I love the first picture of you and Wyatt...his expression is like, "mom, get off my face!"