Friday, May 16, 2008

CHEER-I-O (not Cheerios)

So while we were busy tearing our house apart we also had family visiting.
My parents came up from Virginia to give us a hand... oh and to pick up my sister, Keilah, returned from her semester abroad in London, England. We had fun picking Keilah up at the airport and "riding the train" there. We road it SEVERAL times!!! (My parents, Carter, Hayden and I went since it was a later in the day arrival.) Keilah also brought back lots of "goodies". I had asked for a fridge magnet from each place.. which she so graciously brought me. There was plenty of candy/chocolate YUMMY! They boys have "lovely" headwear!!!
She brought them books from several countries she visited. Carter got his double decker bus he REALLY wanted. Hayden and Wyatt both received cars of their own. Another big thing was the matching London shirts she brought them... Don't they look cute!


During that crazy time I also caught this picture of Bryan and the boys. I HAD to share it with you!