Monday, January 19, 2009

Boy meets couch

It's tough being tough... Wyatt's lip met the couch and his front teeth cut through the lip. (He was running down the hall and jumping onto the couch... so I guess it was self-inflicted!) But a "blue" makes everything better! ("blue" is Wyatt's word for Popsicle... you can read about that here.)

He sure is our bulldozer... full speed ALL The WAY!!!



Michelle Jamie said...


Pegsy said...

Ouch! He probably thinks it's worth it, though, since he got popsicles out of the whole deal! :-)

Please come on over to see my latest post - it's something special I want you to see.

GE is me said...

Poor lil man! Looks like the swelling went right down after the popsicle.

3boys247 said...

Ouch, poor Wyatt. Popsicles do make everything better.

Jennifer said...

Poor little guy :) Boys will be boys:)
Sean has some kind of mark on all the time now

Keilah said...

changed my blog to Love you!