Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OH Canada

So Bryan and I had our first out of the USA AND gone for a week without the boys experience earlier this month.

It was also the first time I've flown in 8 years.

We had this huge small plane for our 3 hour flight! It was still a good flight. There was some beautiful sights (These photos were from the way home - I was reading THE SHACK on the way there - great book! )

The day after we got to Peggy and Joshua's house, we spent our time hanging out and adjusting to the time difference.

We got to see Sara again (we "met" her the day she was born almost 8 years ago) and we got to meet Sky for the first time. It felt like I already knew them from reading Peggy's blog.We then spent the next day at the Edmonton Mall (one of the largest in the world). It was amazing!! We shopped in the morning (without their kids, Sara and Sky) then in the afternoon we all (including the kids) went to the indoor waterpark that's INSIDE the mall!
But shhhhh don't tell the boys! I conviently forgot my camera to spare you THOSE pictures.The adults all left on Thursday for the 4 hour drive up to Jasper. After a quick stop in the cabin we would be staying in we all headed over to Jasper.The drive to Jasper from the cabin is about an hour and goes through the National Park there. We saw signs that there were mountain goats, elk, and moose, but we only saw elk!
Peggy and Joshua took us to see Maligne (Muh-leen) Canyon. Now Peggy says that it's a pleasant walk in the summer... but let me say that in the winter... it's an adventure!! All the steps where iced over which made "walking" interesting to say the least!

(Pause the music at the bottom of the page to hear the video)

Peggy and I took the less adventurous way down. But remember in this case anyway, what goes DOWN, must come UP!!
This is the 1st bridge we crossed over the gorge... pretty amazing huh?There is a bottom down there... a LONG way down there!
Before crossing the 2nd bridge we stopped for a photo.... But boys will be boys... and they wanted to go down further...

So Peggy and I let them... and we started back up... a LONG way up. (They like to think they caught us before we made it back to the car, but really we stopped to look around and for a photo op.. or we TOTALLY would've made it back LONG before them! )I guess it could be worse... they could have wanted to do what these guys were doing... climbing the ice walls on the side of the gorge! The next two days we spent skiing in the Rockies...
Let me just say that the last time I skied was over 7 years ago!!!

I did in fact HELP Bryan learn how to ski. (He was already better than me by the end of that day!) I haven't skied since - I've been pregnant since - 3 boys to prove it! Bryan has skied EVERY year since. The "mountains" I skied on 7 years ago are equal to the bunny hill on these slopes. Maybe I should have gone again BEFORE heading to the Rockies.

That's me scared to death...
This is what I was thinking - "If I break something - I STILL have to take care of the boys"

I look pretty convincing in this one....Bryan had a great time and would love to tell you all about how deep the "powder" was and how great it was going through fresh snow. He spent time on the top of the mountain..

then going down!!!

Here is some video of us... who is the better skier... you be the judge?
(Don't forget whose blog this is by the way :)
(Pause the music a the bottom of the page in order to hear)

Us taking a break in the lodge.

After a great weekend skiing and seeing the Rockies we headed back to Peggy and Joshua's to repack to head back to the USA.

The last night in Canada we stay in a hotel in downtown Edmonton...

This is the view from our room

We walked around the city... Bryan even found BAMBOO

This is Bryan's "Will you quit taking pictures already" picture I took at the airport.
We were excited to head home to see our three little men. After a week gone, we sure missed them. (They did great with Grandpa and Grandma - Hayden didn't want to be in the picture. There's always one it seems.) Thank you so much Peggy and Joshua for opening your home to us and making this trip possible! We had an AMAZING time. It was SO GREAT to see you - NOW COME VISIT!



Kelly said...

Leave it to Bryan to go all the way to Canada and find bamboo!!! I'm glad you guys had such a great time! Maybe sometime we can talk (maybe when things calm down for me -- how's June look for you?)

4funboys said...




amazing pix! How great for you guys to get that opportunity!

I'm impressed... cuz I'm a wimp! How'd your boys do while you were gone? Was it easier or harder than you thought?

GE is me said...

Karen, looks like a blast! The pix are beautiful, thanks for sharing & seeing as how there was no wipe out skiing pic of you, YOU obviously are the better skier! :)